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“Fandub” is an oxymoron

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

… because when you dub something, you are invariably violating it, which to me doesn’t seem like something a true fan would do. Furthermore, “fan” implies that it is done unprofessionally, which means that the quality of the job, or culture rape, is likely to be poor as well. What a travesty. If you love a piece of art, you should want the best for it, and the best way to translate it for a wider audience is not to belittle and remove the original actors’ performances. No, the best way, that will cause the least damage to the artwork, is to produce painstakingly accurate subtitles for it. Don’t give me the “I don’t go to a movie to read”-bullshit. You’re reading this, aren’t you? What, you like foreign media, but not enough that you should want to experience it unadulterated? Every day, someone’s vision and labor is destroyed by dubbers all over the world. Is it that much to ask that everyone learn at least a second language? Imagine how much closer the international community could be if we could all talk to each other.

Slab-faced Donkey-grease

Monday, June 20th, 2011

It’s been hard mustering the energy to be creative lately. I’ve been very preoccupied with survival. Immediate and long-term. It seems living off my imagination and creative works will not be possible. With that looming over head, the will to create, or more accurately the push to actually do it, is left out. Life is oppressive and uncreative.

In a bid to at least do something, I’ve started my own initial proof read of the next Necroterran Tapestry book. I’ve made it half way. Once done, it will be checked again by a native speaker and then put in production, assuming all the other elements, notes and images, are done ass well. It was already written before Ashen Winter came out, but my lack of success forced me to abandon the writing career like so many before me, and it is only recently that I’ve come to remember how near completion it really is.

The fourth book, however, I fear might never be written. But, who knows? Perhaps, somewhere way off in time, it will be completed more in the manner of the first; composed of a myriad of fragments, clips and short stories written over decades (or decade, in the case of Vermilion Fall).


Movies (Prototypes)

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

So, I was watching the second Fantastic Four the other night, the one with the odd tag line “Rise of the Silver Surfer” (Why is it called that? He seemed to have been very active for a long time before the events of the film. If anything, it should have been “Fall of the Silver Surfer,” if you ignore the twist in the credit sequence. Simply “Arrival of the Silver Surfer,” would perhaps be best. Right down Silver Surfer lane). Mr. Fantastic is an inventor, you know. He’s even more fantastic as an inventor than as a super hero. When I was introduced to his stuff something struck me. I realized a common movie cliche. 

Right, have you ever built something? I mean, like, invented it, and put it together yourself? You will know that when doing so, the first few prototypes will look like garbage. Why? Because it’s not factory made! It’s just assembled in the way you think will work, and then tested again and again until you’re certain it’s fully functional. It will look like a pile of crap thrown together, because you need to be able to dis- and reassemble it, move parts around and finalize the design before it’s properly produced. But not in the movies, no. In the movies, any attempt to make something results in a shiny, streamlined and perfect-looking device, that looks professionally and industrially constructed even when it doesn’t work properly. Honestly, who has the time? Can you really imagine Mr. Fantastic building all his inventions himself, making custom plastic and metal casts and fitting the parts together perfectly?  He must have an enormous factory somewhere, where he can produce the glass bowls the size of cars and home-brewed airplane parts whose abundances he seems so blessed with. And he does this himself? Measure every piece and build his own matrixes? For all of them. Geez, that is fantastic. I think it would look much cooler if his prototypes looked more… home made. Not that it would add anything to the film.

Oh, and some weeks ago I saw the first Narnia film. One thing puzzled me… When Aslan had sacrificed himself, the girls run up to him and the younger sister wants to use her magical cocktail to bring him back to life. However, she is halted by her older sibling who claims that it is “too late.” Atta girl! That’s providence for, ya. Yes, why waste A DROP of your life-saving liquid, that will heal ANY wound, when you so clearly understand the magic workings of this world already. God forbid that SINGLE globule should be wasted on your new best friend in an attempt to save his life and thus ultimately triumph over evil. Idiot.