“Fandub” is an oxymoron

… because when you dub something, you are invariably violating it, which to me doesn’t seem like something a true fan would do. Furthermore, “fan” implies that it is done unprofessionally, which means that the quality of the job, or culture rape, is likely to be poor as well. What a travesty. If you love a piece of art, you should want the best for it, and the best way to translate it for a wider audience is not to belittle and remove the original actors’ performances. No, the best way, that will cause the least damage to the artwork, is to produce painstakingly accurate subtitles for it. Don’t give me the “I don’t go to a movie to read”-bullshit. You’re reading this, aren’t you? What, you like foreign media, but not enough that you should want to experience it unadulterated? Every day, someone’s vision and labor is destroyed by dubbers all over the world. Is it that much to ask that everyone learn at least a second language? Imagine how much closer the international community could be if we could all talk to each other.

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