Matrulan study


The Matrulan people are every bit as mysterious as the Muss are secretive (and the Crool are mean-spirited).


The few Matrulas that are encountered appear as sturdy pyramids of armor and muscles. Their tall, conical helmets leave much to the bewildered imagination. What manner of head could fill out such a cavity? The only visible body parts are the relatively unprotected arms and two stocky legs. The latter are unlike those of the other peoples, and more akin to tree trunks.

Behavior and Culture

While culture is mere conjecture, their behavior is very simple; they silently (in terms of verbal sounds; their armors make quite a bit of racket) guard the great uncharted ruins of Toftrula, near the scorched seaside beaches of high Summer. A handful of “adventurers” violent enough (not brave, bravery has nothing to do with it) to fight their way deeper inside that forbidden place have seen other forms of Matrulas, with armors of different designs, but no report has ever been brought back about any specimens not clad in metal. Even the dead cling single-mindedly to the preservation of their secret, as the few and hurried attempts that have been made to pry open their steely coats have failed. They bring to mind a question what, if any, relationship they have to the Metistla. The similarities are many, but foremost is the fact that they seem to share borders. Matrulan territories are guarded securely, but they only attack those who venture too close or to defend themselves. Matrulas are slow and short of sight, however, and not particularly great in offense. Their strength lies in their resilience, being able to shrug off most attacks. Bolts tend to shatter or bounce off their thick plates, and blows might dent them at best. There are few rumors of treasure in Toftrula, so it is unattractive to adventurers, and the enigma of its sentinels remains shrouded in mystique.

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