Famous Last Tweets


Booked the trip online. Saved $100! Woot!


Two weeks to our big trip. Can’t wait. 


LOL! Steven is even more exited! He’s too young to worry.


Getting our shots. Steven is sad. His arm hurt. 


Thinking of what to pack…


Dude! Susan’s list! ROFL!


All packed. Helping Steven. 


Susan packed more than Steven and me combined! ^_^


Can’t sleep. Exited. Warm milk my ass…


LMAO. Late night television is weird. 


Overslept! And the f-ing car won’t start! >:(


WTF?! Grid-locks! Traffic’s a bitch!


I swear to God, this stress will be the end of me!


Almost at the airport. Still late! Cross your fingers.


Dude! Custom’s a bitch TOO! This whole day’s a BITCH! >:(


Our flight was delayed! We made it! Thank GOD!


Hello sun and scorching heat! Have a nice winter… chumps! ;)


Sleeping off the Jet-lag. 


Continental breakfast. Everywhere you go.


Awesome beach. Seriously! 


Lots of pretty girls. Wait… Susan doesn’t read my Twitter does she? :P


Steven is playing with other kids from all over the world. How about that!


Miniature golf in the warm night. Having a blast.


ROFL! Steven beat me, fair and square! 


Steven = future Tiger Woods? *Ker-ching!*


Continental breakfast. AGAIN.


Yeah, yeah. Beach is still awesome… -_-;


Thinking perhaps it’s time to go outside the tourist zone. See the real country.


Susan’s such a chicken. Steven is so on. Like always.


Going desert trekking. Hired a guide and shit. Seriously.


Camel-riding is hard, but Steven does it swimmingly. 


Hah! My boy surpasses me at everything it seems. I’m getting old ;)


Susan complains about what the bumpy ride does to her ass. ^_^


Dude! I meant the camels! Sorry, in-laws! *^_^*


The mood has changed. I don’t like it.


Want to turn back. -_-


Told them to turn back, but not sure they did. Can’t get my bearings. Only sand.


I’m afraid. But won’t let Steven and Susan know. Susan suspects. >_>   <_<




The guides left during the night. How the fuck did I miss that?! 


On our own…


Sand, sand, sand! FUCK!


Steven is gone! Something came and took him during the night. There’s some blood left, that’s all. GOD! MY ONLY SON!


Walking in the desert is harder than you’d think.


Conserving strength. Not much left.


Susan fell down a dune. Won’t get up. O_O


Susan isn’t breathing. Don’t know what killed her. ;_;


Completely lost. No water. No nothing. 


Haven’t had a drink for two days. Lost in the desert. Going to die. LOL

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